The Welcome Table

Branding | Social Good | environmental design
Project Overview
The Welcome Table - a one semester-long project that integrates a partnership between graduate students at Temple University and St. James School of Philadelphia every spring. This project included a large-scale mural design, branding, and environmental design system on campus. As a result, St. James School received a $5,000 donation after its completion. During my time as a graduate student along with my classmates, we designed a whole environmental design as a team for their community center.
- Create a place not only welcoming the students but also the neighborhood nearby.
- Let The Welcome Table becomes part of the campus, the neighborhood, and the city of Philadelphia.
My Role
icons, posters design
visual design
mural design
Dec - may 2019
professor - Kelly holohan
teammates - Xi Cheng, Mingfei Shi, mia elizabeth, Shuang Wu, Michele Fitzgerald
& st. james school employees
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$5,000 USD
generous donation were given to St. James School after completed this project.
St. James students and faculties participated in this project.
Step 01 - Brainstorming
The sense of belonging
First of all, my classmates and I went to visit some of the students to ask them how do they feel about the place and why.
(left) We taught the students about how designers usually come up with ideas, names and logos by creating mind maps and sketches.
(right) Rough sketches from St. James School.
Step 02 - Hands On Experiences
Launch workshops & Activities
After coming up with the logo and color palette, we started to create a design system that could further expand on different materials such as nutrition posters, recipe cards, magnetic labels, tote bags, etc. During this project, we tried to embed art, design, and cultural knowledge. We then hosted a mural painting activity and a screen-printing workshop with the students and faculties.
2-1 screen-printing tote bags
2-2 Mural paintings
2-3 Branding materials