Branding | Social awareness campaign
Project Overview
Priority seats on the Taipei Metro are primarily provided for elderly people, the disabled, pregnant women, and children. These seats are often left empty even when the carriage is packed. Most of the passengers shy away from sitting on the dark blue seats and are afraid that people will look down on them, thinking that a healthy-looking person should not occupy the seat. Sometimes, people have different reasons to sit in the priority seats. Be kind, don’t judge, and PLEASESIT.
What I did
I designed the campaign branding identities. I designed the illustrations in Illustrator, animated filters in Spark AR studio, and create marketing collaterals for social media.
My Role
AR face filters
interaction design
one semster (2019)
spark ar studio
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Step 01 - Problem
Seat to not sit?
The bias of normal-looking people sitting in priority seats on the Taipei metro has always been a huge issue in Taiwan. Growing up seeing all related news on TV, I avoid sitting on those seats imperceptibly now. Inspired by Nielsen Norman Group, I've always wanted to create a hashtag campaign to raise social awareness about this. (Photo credits: screenshots from TV Station in Taiwan)
Step 02 - Research
define reasons & platfrom
Since the priority seats prioritized people who are elderly, disabled, pregnant, and injured, I designed several mental states that people might suffer from and have the need to sit on those "dark blue" seats. Providing mirror posters, face filters and social media posts allow people to reflect on themselves and further have empathy when they realize they could experience these mental states.

According to statista.com, Facebook has a nearly 90.8% penetration rate and Instagram has a 70.6% penetration rate in Taiwan. To maximize the potential audience, I choose these two platforms as my main channels to share my campaign.
Step 03 - Design
go beyond 2D
After designing the posters, I started to design AR face filters on Facebook and Instagram by using Spark AR Studio. This tool provides endless opportunities and it did reach out to up to 50K of users!