Life+ Services

UIUX | Paas | subscription services
Project Overview
Life+ services are subscription services launched by service providers that allow users to enjoy IoE (Internet of Energy) services. Service providers can create, test, and launch their services through IoE Developer platform, and then launch their services on Ecogenie+ App. By subscribing to Life+ services, users can enjoy beyond services.
- All Life+ services are created by NextDrive, which takes a lot of time and money to develop.
- Since NextDrive specializes in energy management, services are all related to energy, which lacks possibilities and flexibility.
- Third-party service providers have no opportunities to collaborate and launch their services.
- Build IoE Developer for service providers to create and launch their services.
- Create Marketplace on IoE Suite, a platform for business clients to manage which Life+ services to launch on their apps.
- Redesign Life+ page on apps to apply new service APIs from IoE Developer and for end users to subscribe Life+ services.
My Role
design lead - Mei
project managers - Josie, millie
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of Life+ services are now launched through IoE Developer platform.
of Life+ services were created by (third party) service providers without any developer resources from our company.
Step 01 - Define
define users' pain points
I worked with different project managers to prioritize which features or products should be built first and when is this happening. Since this project affects three different platforms, the first thing it needs to be defined is each product's users and their needs:
White Label Apps
End users
1. wants to subscribe to certain services they want.
2. wants more types of Life+ services.
3. wants to know information about the service before subscribing to it.
4. wants to manage to subscribe services.
IoE Suite
Business clients
1. wants to manage Life+ services to their app.
2. wants to partner with the specific service provider to launch their app.
3. wants to know if there are any updates from Life+ services.
IoE Developers
Service providers
1. wants to create Life+ services to provide services and receive users' data.
2. wants to test their Life+ services before launching.
3. wants to create Life+ service based on our service APIs.
Step 02 - Define Launching Process
from ideation to launch
Since the primary users for the design specs are the developers, I worked with a product designer, Scott, to observe how developers translate the design specs into code. The biggest pain point for them was that based on the current tool, it was hard to know which page is the final design. Before knowing to detach designs from libraries, developers have to memorize wireframes or layouts before they were tweaked by designers.
Step 03 - Design
3-1 build ioe developer
To begin with, I worked with my design lead and project managers to build the platform from scratch. I built the site map based on the information architecture, created wireframes to define necessary input fields and data that service providers should fill out, and designed the MVP of this product to let service providers able play around with it in time.
3-2 Create marketplace on ioe Suite
Next, I worked with project managers and a UX designer to create a marketplace for business clients to manage Life+ services on IoE Suite.
(left) Business clients can launch the latest services when there are new services created by service providers.
(right) Business clients can then view its information in detail pages if they are interested or check if there are any updates.
3-3 redesign Life+ page on App
In the meantime creating features and products above, I've also worked with a project manager, Millie, to redesign Life+ page on apps, which aligns new APIs from IoE Developer. These 6 Life+ Services were created and developed by NextDrive, which was coded in the app before. After the IoE Developer was built, we transferred these Life+ Services to the platform and launched them.
Step 04 - Reflect
That feeling when your work Helps both company and users.
Building the whole Life+ Services system was a monumental project for me. Not only it was shipped to meet both company’s new business model and the real customers, but it also helped me gain experience in diagnosing the problems to delivering cross-platform solutions. I was able to grow as a holistic designer in a wide range of aspects and become my driving force to pursue product design.

Plus, I also gain a new skill to WFH from finishing this project remotely during the pandemic for a few months!